Event Planning

Event planning can be the process of planning a project such as a meeting, convention, ceremony, party or tradeshow. Event planning can include catering, budgeting, recommending a theme, reserving and choosing the event site, managing risk and health and safety.

You will need the skills to choreograph people and actives to create an imaginative event that creates memories and leave a lasting impression that people will remember.

Whether it is a fundraising event, trade show or convention event planning requires fine attention to detail and co-coordinating every objective that your client wishes to achieve.

Event planning can be stressful, as you will be working to deadlines and it can be a demanding career choice. It requires multitasking on several things at one time. The work hours can be long and irregular. Event planning can be a great opportunity to travel, visit prospective sites and meet new groups of people. The event planner should be able to choose speakers, content and entertainment.

As an event planner, you will need experience, take time to build up a portfolio, even if it means volunteering at a free event or helping out at a local club to set up a small event for them to gain examples of your work. Going to exhibitions and conferences within the events industry is a great way to network and build connections in event planning.

To be an event planner you should be prepared for some physical activity, long hours of being on your feet and walking around, carrying materials and boxes.

Different types of event planning are generally broken down into three types :

In House Event Planner

Agency Side Event Planner

Event Company Event Planner

Once you have decided that event planning is the right event for you and you have your portfolio of experinece you can go ahead and start your career in event planning.

Event with champagne

Event with champagnehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mfRVM4rC74



Using a mobile disco for a kid’s party

A great form of entertainment

a mobile disco setupMost of you will see, that disco parties have become the best way to celebrate your kid’s success in completing primary level as they prepare for secondary school. There are many businesses that specialize in throwing  mobile disco parties for kids, like Dave Dee, ranging from 9 to 12 years old and finding them should not be a problem. However, not all offers you get will deliver the desired experience. While some have limited capacity and insufficient frameworks, others simply do not know what it takes to please kids. It is therefore important to carefully consider your options before hiring such services. Some of the areas to evaluate include the following;

Reputation –

The best way to determine if any given service satisfies customer needs and meets anticipation is through reviewing the reputation. Disco parties that have ended well will have a good reputation in the area. If people are not impressed, the service will get complaints and critics.

Experience –

It is advisable to hire companies or professionals that have been entertaining kids for a longer period. They probably have superior frameworks for making your party the most memorable one while ensuring everything goes on seamlessly and uninterrupted.

Professionalism –

Only use credible, licensed professionals who can guarantee high quality services that offer value for money. They should be qualified event planners and experienced entertainers rather than a group of “fellas” looking for extra money.

Get the professionals in

There are many other minor aspects to review when looking for mobile parties for your kids. It should be a well organized event that brings kids together including friends from other schools. Aspects of competitive affordability, safety guarantees, insurance and flexibility are all crucial.

Mobile discos are awesome

Above all, mobile disco parties will not only entertain your kid, but also motivate them to work harder in the next stages of their education. It is one of the easiest ways to appreciate your child and show them parental affection by congratulating their success. It is generally advisable to compare existing offers and narrow down to professionals who can meet all your needs at the most affordable cost.

Basics To Help You Throw A Great Childrens Disco

The Low down on a childrens disco

Children especially those of the age ranging between 10-11 years are aa childrens disco dj playful lot: kids at this age are an active and energetic lot, they need their imaginations firing up and plenty of movement to keep them entertained. If you want kids to have a good time you must ensure that they have a perfect childrens disco; here are a few tips on children’s disco for kids to celebrate the fact that they are going on to secondary schools;

1. Children might want to have interactive entertainment

Children may want a children s comedian who will properly engage with them. This performer should be able to take to the dance floor so that he can throw down the latest dance moves and routines and get the kids to join in. Children will always be happy with a charming person who engages on their level.

2. Party games can be used to involve the children

Elimination games are a no-no for kids; they don’t like them. If any of the kids gets knocked out of a game, they will always get upset, bored and can walk off leading to a distraction of that event. Here are a few games that kids love while on the dance floor

* Musical statues

Any time the music stops, children need to be allowed to act like animals e.g. doing the snappy crocodile or even a swishing elephant. It’s always a good thing for parents when they see their children participate in doing imitations. The games can also be themed depending on the occasion e.g. during Halloween or Christmas parties.

* Limbo

This is amongst the most loved games by children. Instead of children just walking under the pole, they must be asked to do some comical action. This game ensures interaction apart from adding fun to event.

* Pass the parcel

This is a lengthy game that produces one winner in the end. A coloured parcel box is passed around between the children while the music is being played in the background. Each kid picks a present from that box but in the end, the one that is celebrating his/her birthday will pick more presents.

3. Using a DJ who knows how to keep the kids entertained

Picking a good DJ goes a long way in ensuring that kids have a good time. Pick a boring DJ for a childrens disco and the party is only going to end one way….  in tears for all concerned, kids and teachers alike!